Living in Southern California, one is often faced with a surplus of traffic on the roads. Many, including myself, view that as one of the infamous plagues of this otherwise great area. I, however, also see a silver lining to the millions of vehicles jamming up the roadways. Among these metal masses are some real gems, thanks to everyone from the So Cal elite with money to burn, all the way down to folks who have lived here for generations, and cared for a treasured family automobile for said generations. Southern California is home to a great car scene which spans from original Model T Fords, all the way to cars from the edge of the future, such as Tesla, whose company HQ is right up the coast. Driving around here, you have a chance to see everything from restored American muscle, to exclusive Italian elegance. From right-hand-drive imports out of the Far East, all the way to the Lowrider scene, which originated right here out west, California has it covered when it comes to car culture.